Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Video Ads and Google Search!

You know, I added video ads to the side of my blog... I also added a Google search.

Just in case you didn't see the huge YouTube video over on the right side of my blog... or the search bar...

I just have one thing to say: I really hope I can't get in trouble for watching my own videos...

I just think it's awesome! The first video to appear was a Red Vs Blue type of video... something to do with the sequel to Master chief sucks at Halo 3 but what ever it was called it was awesome!

So, watch some videos on the side over there... and I get paid! that's right! you can pay me just by watching the sponsored videos on the side of my blog!

ok... I just wanted to point that out...

BTW. I also get paid when you click on the Ads by Google at the bottom of my page... or if you use my Google search... FYI

Other than that, it was a sunny day in Seattle. A little cool and windy, but it was nice.

I took Jaani and Babli for a walk (pronounced Bubbly, it is Hindi for dear or darling... it is also a common name for a female dog.) I got some coffee from Jet city, and then I walked the river.

However I must say, the new dog doesn't walk well... which is perfectly fine because she is so young.

I start work tomorrow... and now I have to go to bed. So make me some money!