Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Building 87...

Nestled between the roads and trees on top of a hill in Redmond, Washington is the Microsoft Main Campus. On the outskirts of campus is the complex with buildings 84-88. Next to the West parking garage is building 87; home to the Microsoft Corporate Library and the Zune team. The funny part is that the Library has the nicer end of the building... the Zune side was originally intended to be a warehouse, but has been re-purposed as the temporary home of the Zune team until the new building is finished in about 9 more months. I can't wait to see that.

Well, in case you didn't catch on, I started today at my new position as a STE (Software Test Engineer) Vendor at Zune. I can hardly believe how awesome it is to be back on the Zune team. So far my managers are awesome, and it turns out that I am there to fill in on both the Marketplace and Social teams. I spent most of today setting up my three computers (re-format, install XP on one and Vista Enterprise on the other two), playing with a Zune, and reading the test plan documentation. It was pretty sweet.

It turns out that I will get a Zune to take home and treat as my own while I'm working on the project. Maybe I'll even get them to let me keep it once we're all done. I don't know what kind I will get yet, but I hope it's the big one... the smaller ones just... well, kinda suck in my opinion... just because it's not enough memory for me.

The only thing that is kinda disappointing is that I don't have my alias yet, so I have to use this crappy temporary one that has minimum rights on the Corporate Intranet. I also don't have my own badge yet, so the lady at the front desk has to buzz me in. It really got kinda bad when I got locked out and couldn't remember the name of anyone but my manager (who had to leave for a dentist's appointment, so she couldn't let me in,) so nobody would let me in because it is against company policy to let anyone in whom you do not directly work with.

As far as showing up to work... they are so flexible. They like to see at least 8 hours a day, and they need you to be in the office from about 10:30 to 2:30 because that is when they schedule meetings. Which is nice because if I show up at 10 I can work until they serve dinner, or I can start early and get in some extra hours.

I love the Zune team. All the music I can listen to. If it has been published, it is there. Everyone is awesome! Plus the Zune is a very competitive product to the I-Pod. Just you wait and see Scott, I'm going to compare the two when I get back in July... or when you visit.

Anyway... I like it on main campus. There are trees everywhere. You can hardly even hear the traffic out on the streets. It's a pretty cool place with winding trails between the buildings and trees.

Anyway... That's it for now.