Sunday, March 16, 2008

My New Apartment!

So, after searching long and hard, I found a new apartment. It was unexpected when I found it. I went to Renton for a walk on Saturday, and as I was walking from Jet City to the trail, I noticed that one of the streets I always used to walk down when I lived in Renton; I noticed that the street looked a lot nicer than it used to. Where there once was old run down abandoned buildings on a dirty unmaintained streets, now stood brand new tall buildings, fresh grass next to the side walk, and families entering and leaving the buildings. On one side of the street is an assisted living home, and on the other side of the street was a brand new apartment building. 95 Burnett is written on the apartment building is large gold letters; the apartment office is open, and I go inside to have a look.

I went up to look at four model apartments, and decided that I loved it! The best part, they allow dogs, and my total move in cost will be $155 (technically). They said that I will need to pay a $400 holding fee, which they will allow me to pay at the end of this week. They also said that by signing a 1 year lease, they will write me a check for one month rent, and 6 months of parking (it is extra for a parking space), plus, they will allow me to rent a tandem space for a couple months, but only include a single space on the lease. That is perfect for the Astro.

Parking is in a garage under the building. The apartment is 720 sq. ft. The building has a party room, 24 hour fitness area, washer and dryer in the apartment, an outdoor community area with propane grills for residents to use, 1/2 block from the transit center, 1/2 block from the cedar river trail, and 2 blocks from Jet City. The end result, the two places I like to go the most are right by my apartment, and my morning commute is shorter if I take the bus than if I drive.

After doing the math, moving to this apartment will save me $40 a month in coin laundry charges. With the estimated increase in gas prices with will probably save $250 a month in gas (assuming gas prices really do get up to $4/gallon.) Together both of these aspects outweigh the increase in rent that I will have. Plus, this apartment is in a much nicer area that this one. I will also have my social life back! Which I guess is mainly due to not having my current room mate, but that is a different story.

So, I am excited to move. I am glad that the only apartment that I can really afford to move in to (as far as move in cost) is such a nice apartment that I can share with Jaani.

Anyway... It's time for me to go to bed.

Good night!