Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour! Take part, and help a little bit...

So, I have recently been talking alot about my own power usage over the past couple weeks, and here is your chance to do sometime! Tomorrow March 28th from 9:30 - 10:30 PM (your local time) turn off all your lights!
If you have looked at my other blogs today, you have seen that I am spamming this to all my blogs. So, if you want to read the same thing 5 times, then go for it!

However, because I'm moving on Saturday, I'm just going to wait until 10:30 to start plugging stuff in. That way I can be sure that I'm using as little power as possible... and getting rid of my residual 2 amp draw on the power grid...

Be part of Earth Hour... you can go without your lights for an hour can't you?

This movement is getting bigger, and while it isn't enough to solve the problem of using too much power, it the main goal of the project is to raise awareness.

Many critics claim that because many people use inefficient flashlights, volunteers drive around to get the word out, and many city pay city employees to turn out their lights, the even actually increases the amount of energy used... however in 2008, by comparing energy usage on the 2 Saturdays before the event, Wikipedia suggests that over a Gigawatt of power, and 100 tonnes of CO2 were conserved during the 24 hours of the event (one hour for each time zone.)

I hope that you will all take part in this event, or at least reduce some of you power usage tomorrow night.