Monday, May 18, 2009

google squared has a limit...

So, just in case anyone cares... if you go over to, it lets you square any number with an absolute value that is less than or equal to 13,407,807,929,942,596,355,291,171,319,504,390,204,971,786,543,275,750,199,594,808,099,908,070,301,827,583,015,827,243,270,047,429,941,670,395,927,292,594,916,632,931,757,995,380,366,007,001,581,304,676,351 

this is also about 13 quinquagintillion... 13 followed by 153 zeros...

that's a pretty big number... however, when you square that number you get
1.7976931348623155 X 10308... which is 1 followed by 308 zeros... or 179,769 centillion... I'm not exactly sure what comes after centillion... but it's also very big.

So, that is the kind of number google can calculate.  and I have to say that is one hell of a calculator...