Monday, May 11, 2009

More about my power usage data.

Here is a chart of my April power usage data, at least as much of it as I could get from PSE.  For some reason they don't have any data for me before April 7th, even though they started billing me on March 28th.


I was trying to figure out why my power usage on Sunday was so much higher than the rest of my power usage, and then after looking at the data from just Sundays, it turns out my power usage isn't actually up on ALL Sundays, but it was just one Sunday that I was using over twice the amount of Electricity that I normally use.

So, I thought I would check out my webcam footage (because I make time-lapse videos of everything on my webcam... and I found out that on that particular Sunday (April 12th...)  My webcam was down.  In fact, with the exception of April 2nd, my webcam was down from March 27th - April 15th.  So, I don't have any videos to review concerning what I was doing to use all that power... but I did go back and read my blog entry, and it jogged my memory (even though the blog has nothing to do with what I think I was doing), but I think that on that particular Sunday, I was using my soldering iron in my office working on my Tweet-A-watt.

This seems kind of ironic, because the the process of making a device to meter my electricity, was actually causing my power usage to double!  Anyway.  I think that of all the things I do to use electricity, this means that soldering is the most resource intensive.

So, that's what was on my mind right now.