Friday, May 29, 2009

The Family Ancestory Project Continues!

So, today I got an email from my uncle Bob with some information that my uncle Garth collected about the Courtois family Ancestory. With that information I was able to find about 650 new ancestors of mine that are either directly linked to my ancestory, or are closely related to my ancestors.

On the Courtois side of my family I was able to go back as far as 14 generations, and I don't think my error rate was too far off based on the results I got previously that matched what my uncle found.

I really haven't figured out what to do with this new info yet, but between and GRAMPS I am able to collect some neat statistics. like people with the last name of Courtois make up 8% of my ancestry database and there are over 200 unique last names in my database.

anyway, just wanted to post a little update.

-- UPDATE --
here are the stats for my family tree project so far:
Number of individuals: 890
Males: 464
Females: 424
Individuals with unknown gender: 2
Individuals with incomplete names: 13
Individuals missing birth dates: 112
Disconnected individuals: 3

Family Information
Number of families: 237
Unique surnames: 236

Top Surnames
1. Courtois, 6% (61)
2. Moreau, 5% (45)
3. Gagnon, 3% (32)
4. Drouin, 3% (30)
5. Vezina, 3% (28)
6. Hebert, 3% (28)
7. Lepelle, 2% (19)
8. Cloutier, 2% (18)
9. Limousin, 1% (17)
10. Fontaine, 1% (17)




P.S. My sinus infection, which I don't think I've posted about, is just about gone!