Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little perspective as to where I live.

So, I found this picture here on Panorama , and though man, that's a beautiful picture... and then I though, hey, I spend the majority of my time in that picture!

So, I located about where my house was... and the exact building I work in (the building kind of stand out when you know what you're looking for...) and then I figured that big field has to be Marrymoor park (location of a dog park, amphitheater, velodrome, climbing wall, many sports fields, remote-controlled airplane area, miscellaneous empty fields, trails, and wildlife preserve... I think there is more too that I'm forgetting)  However, the area between those three arrows is not much larger than 7 or 8 square miles, and it includes everything I need (including the best brewery in Washington!)

And on a clear day, you can see Mt Rainier and Mt Baker from on top of the hill where my house is at... which I admit in this picture makes it look like a pretty small hill, but it is still considerable in size when you're riding your bike.

So, there you have it, now you can see the general area around my home, and you can see the entire trip that I make to work and to the dog park.  Another kind of neat thing is that the building that we will be moving to one day is off along the right side of the picture just next to Marrymoor park.

There you have it folks!  That is Redmond Washington for you.

That is all.