Saturday, May 16, 2009

A new and... well, not so exciting web cam!

So, I admit that it isn't the most exciting thing to have a webcam pointing at, but I recently set up a webcam to point at my kill-a-watt and take hourly pictures of it, as well as a daily snapshot for me to use in keeping my daily power usage chart current.  Which by the way, all the charts that I put on my blog do change over time as I put more info into my spreadsheets... FYI.

So, now you can watch my power usage go up over time!  (refreshing the page every minute will refresh this picture to the most current... but only when my webcam is actually up...) 

So, that being said.  I have a sunburn... not a bad one, but my arms and part of my face are red... and just mildly soar... which means I won't sleep well tonight because I got too much sun.

The other thing I did this weekend is I went over to Norm's, and had the pieces for the backrest on my couch made... which means my couch will actually be comfortable now!  who would have thought that actually having all the supports in you couch would make such a difference.

Ok... that's all for now.  I just wanted to have a quick weekend update on what I'm up to...