Sunday, February 20, 2011

New camera... again.

     So, the story begins again... a new camera.  This time I decided to get the extra warranty because I have really bad luck with cameras.  So, if I break this camera in the next 3 years, then I'll be able to get the camera fixed, or I'll get money to replace it.  One or the other. So, I am almost hoping that I can break the camera in the next three years... in a way.

     So, of coarse, I have to go around and test out the new camera right?  Well, that's exactly what I did.  I started off with a picture of a dimly lit road at night.  So, I took a picture of the road I walk Jaani down every night after work.  I figure, sense I walk here every day, I should have a picture for future reference right?  Anyway, the camera has an awesome sensor in it, and that means good looking low light pictures without a tripod.  That is the difference between my old camera and my new camera.  This image would have required a tripod with my Power Shot SD970 IS Digital Elf, but with the Cannon S95, it turns out just fine.
     I am not the only person who has noticed this.  In fact, there is a reason the S95 has a 5-star product rating on Amazon, but the SD970 IS only has 4.  The one catch is that the S95 has a lot of manual settings that could be a little intimidating for people who don't share my desire to tinker and fiddle with tons of settings.  However, it's a great camera for me.
     If you are wondering what happened to my old camera, it is getting another lens error.  Only, this time, I can't just pop the lens back on to the track.  This time, the camera is really screwed.  I can't get it to move at all, but if I pay about $250 I can get a replacement part that will fix the problem (and replaced the scratched lens).
     So, about the new camera, I went out and took a bunch of pictures.  I really haven't used the flash for many of my pictures, and I haven't put any photos that used the flash into the slideshow below.  I have to say, that I am really impressed by the HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos; with that feature, the camera takes three different pictures with different exposure times (high, low, and neutral), and blends them together to create a picture that shows the light and dark portions of the picture equally.
     Anyway, I'm happy with the camera so far, and I'm sure I'll have more to say about it soon.  So, until then, enjoy this slideshow of my photos: