Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bla bla bla... Linux... Bla bla bla...

So, this was the theme for a good part of the day... as I talked about Ethereal, Neusus, Honeypots, Cedega, Cross Over Office... writing a driver to use the Xbox 360 controller in Linux... bla bla bla... Replacing the N.E.W. Server... and all the lovely things I can’t talk about too!


Anyway. Another fun day at work. More and more I realize that most technically inclined people just don’t have the knowledge base I have about using different applications, and how to find applications to do what you want. 


It also seems that almost every Windows person I meet knows very little about Network Security... so it seems.  Most of the people around the office keep saying “Oh that would be really good” and more than often my response is “but Windows won’t do that”... at least not without making a whole bunch of really slow programs to form a good application.


So.  In the end... I am sure that in every way Linux seems superior to Windows... with a more stable and faster result... aside from ease of use...  I guess Windows is easier to use that Linux... but Mac on the other hand... that is what I need to work with for a while...


I think as soon as I have $2500 to get a new laptop I’m buying a Mac Book! 


Anyway... I gotta get back to work.