Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Starting to shine

I guess I'm really starting to shine around the work place... today I gave all the guys in the MP Lab a brief introduction to UDP VS TCP/IP... UDP uses less bandwidth was the main theme... and we tracked down some guys who were cheating on X-Box Live... it was pretty cool, and it really set the tone of what types of information I do know about computers... with a little luck it might help me to go Blue (hired full time)...

Other than that... the usual stuff... trying to break the software... my bug count is up to 6 so far... and everyone is shocked that the new guy with no testing experience is finding one bug for every working day that he is actually looking for bugs. I really feel like I fit in here... and even though the hours are really long, and I have no time for a personal life, I still love it!

anyway... dinner time, then I'm off to bed. G'night