Thursday, June 7, 2007

Funny Thing...

Funny thing about weekends when you work at Microsoft... they don't mean so much... 'cept all your friends seem to have the day off.

Although, I think I might have Sunday off... I guess Saturday and Sunday are optional... actually, everything over 40 hours is optional, but if you don't work the over time, they'll just find someone else who will.

so yup... I'm working a lot of hours, but it's ok... I like the job.

My team is all people that you would expect to meet at a D&D game arguing about who's character is better... it's kinda funny to listen to them talk about world of warcraft... or Pokemon... anyway, they are all cool people. Anyway... I guess that's just the type of people that do game testing... after all they do play games most of the time... and try to find problems in the games.

well, ok, I need to get some food to cook dinner.