Friday, June 8, 2007

People of the Freezer...

I got this awesome email from work today... because we were told that only FTEs and tech people could plug or unplug any network cables yesterday.... well, all of our Xboxes were unplugged last night, so this morning one of the guys in the MP lab back here sent an email to our manager, requesting him to come plug in his Xbox.  This is the response we got:


Since you, the people of the freezer are constantly rewiring stuff to make things work you’re now considered “those few designated by FTEs” and are of the anointed.


In English: You’re free to mess with network cabling. Continue to be extremely cautious...”



Great days in the freezer.





P.S.  About the sign on the fridge that says “Don’t drink the milk... lets just say the light wasn’t the only thing not working on the fridge last night...