Thursday, June 28, 2007


“I’m going to go home and cry into my pillow because I have failed Gasca” was my vote for working this Saturday.  I wanted to take the day off... so I voted to not come in.


I want a day off.  Plain and simple. 


So anyway..


I guess other than that.. I am waiting for my Nokia 770 to come in the mail... it’s my present to myself for saving and all the hard work I’ve been doing... it’s a tablet PC that runs Linux.  I hope it works as good as I want it to.  I’ve wanted one for a couple years now... and for $120 I thought it was an awesome deal... considering the cheapest I can find it anywhere else is $250...


I’ve been happy.  Working a lot... I get along with all the guys here... my manager is awesome... I’ve been able to talk with some of the devs, and I think I have a chance at sweet talking them into putting me on the list to become a FTE... but who knows. 


If this doesn’t work, I’ll have a chance to go work for a search engine company when my contract is up... so I don’t know exactly what I’ll do yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


And yea... I guess that’s it... I need to do my laundry again... I work all the time... and I’m happy about that.


Anyway... that’s an update for now.