Thursday, June 14, 2007

The future is comming!

I’m excited that I have a new toy waiting for me at home!  I got 2 Xbox 360 Wireless controllers from work, and I ordered a wireless receiver for my computer (which will also work with an Xbox 360.)   So I’m going to try and get it working so that I can play games on my computer with it... and one day maybe play games on an xbox or xbox360 with it... it kinda depends.


Anyway... I guess it really just depends on how much time I have.


So yup. Any free time I come up with over the next... well... probably month or so is taken up...


Oh yea, I’ve been making plans for when my contract it up... and I found out about a company that is always looking for flash action script people... and one of my co-workers is friends with the guy, and is leaving to work for him after his contract here... so I’m thinking that in the next couple months, I will study action script a little more... it’s basically another language that is like a simplified version of C++.


So... I have my work cut out for me... and I am looking at getting a better job in a few months.


Not that I don’t like this job... but I’d rather get paid over twice as much per hour to do programming... because as far as the industry is concerned testing is not programming... and tech support is not in any way related... so... I’m looking at leaving this job with about 3 months of experience.