Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Family day!

I spent the entire day doing family stuff. Went over to Mega Coney Island for breakfast... Then came home to finish wrapping gifts. Scott came over around 2:30 or 3pm... Susie and Mike showed up shortly after. Sally and Bernie came over with Steven and Lillian... and Sheila came over by herself. I guess Even and Nathe had a very bad fever so they couldn't come today, but I'll still see them on Monday.

We all gathered for dinner and to exchange gifts. Sheila gave everyone a bead. Sally and Bernie gave me a gift card. I opened the rain gear I wrapped for myself, some socks, and a copy of the Simpson's movie.

I was pleased that everyone seemed happy to get USB memory sticks. 2GB for everyone! and it went over great! Steven got a RC car from me that he loved. Lillian got a movie from me... and Datura got a Dora the Explorer toy/doll thing. they all liked it. Its nice to see all the kids happy. I

I finished the day by sitting down with a glass of Glogg and the spinach salad from Cost Co I love so much.

Tomorrow is picture day, and the Courtois family party. It will be good to see everyone else.