Monday, December 17, 2007

Goodbye Seattle... See you soon!

I took this picture on my way home from work today. It is facing North from the bus while we were getting onto south bound I5 from 4th ave just south of Qwest field (which you can kind of see on the left,) Safeco Field, and Union Station.
I guess I've tried a bunch of times to get this picture at night, but today it was bright enough because we got out of work at 4 instead of 5:30. I will miss Jaani while I'm gone. I think he can tell that something is up because I'm packing, and he does not seem happy about it. I sometimes worry about if Ev will take good care of him, but I guess Mani will be here.

Well, speaking of Ev, she is making nice and easy for me to leave without feeling like I want to be here. She started b****ing hard core today after I got mad that she is canceling the Internet connection at the end of the month. I can't believe that she has such a problem paying some sort of bill around the house. Mani pays her share of rent and the phone bill. I pay the electric bill and drive her around... yet she is this ungrateful little B****! It will be really nice when I can move out of here, and into somewhere by myself. Where I don't have someone to annoy me constantly and tell me how she lives here too when she is blasting music at 2AM (and I have to get up at 7...) and decides that she doesn't like the movie, so she is going to sit down and start complaining while you are in the middle of watching a movie when she comes home. bla bla bla... I just can't wait until I can move out of here.

Ahh, the joy of room mates. Well, I guess if we had noting to annoy us we would all just be happy. I guess we can't have that. So, soon I will get out of here, and then I won't really have anything annoying me anymore.

I can't believe she is canceling the Internet access. It just goes to show how horrible of a person she is. I asked her for half of the money for the electric bill and she said that I was the one who used all the electricity. As if she doesn't leave her (sorry, it's mine whenever it is a disadvantage for it to be her laptop,) and she doesn't use hot water, and she doesn't turn the heat up to 90 all the f***ing time, and she doesn't turn every light in the house on constantly... it's all my laptop that generates the entire electric bill. I guess I have had my desktop running a lot lately, but that does not use much power. The electric bill was $80 last month, and she is complaining about having to pay for her own cell phone and a $30 Internet bill. It's not my fault she racks up a $90 phone bill every month... she doesn't call me.

Ok, sorry... that was quite a rant. I just hope that poor little Jaani can put up with her for a whole week without me... hopefully Mani will keep him safe, or take him on the truck for a road trip. Mani loves Jaani... all guys do a guess... well, most I suppose... all my friends do. He is a cool dog, what can I say. Anyway.

I need to wash up for work in the morning... then I have a flight to catch.

Good night every body!