Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Relaxing day.

another day out here in Seattle. The rain was heavy and soft... for a little bit it even kinda stopped... sorta... but it was a nice day. I relaxed. Did a little bit of packing for Tuesday. Took apart an old laptop which I found. It was very much broken, but it had 256 megs of ram for my laptop. that was nice. plus now I have an extra internal wireless adapter, wide screen laptop display, CD RW/DVD ROM, and a 60 GB HDD.

I might be able to sell the drive, and I found some instructions on how to turn the display into a desktop PC monitor. I guess I'll be breaking out the soldering iron... I'll also need to swing by RE-PC for an old monitor cable and a 3.3V power adapter... which I may just have to build that too. That will be a bit of a challenge though... so I might have to give James a call and take care of that after New Years.

My plan is to take a picture frame, put this really nice screen in it, and have it hanging on a wall. Then, I can take an ultra small form factor PC, and screw it to the bottom of a table so that the CD drive and USB ports are accessible from the front. Then I can put a wireless keyboard and mouse on the table, and you have a sleek and stylish looking PC station. With one of those Ikea keyboard trays, then you have a desktop with nothing on it, but it instantly turns into a workstation. I have a similar idea for a standing height workstation in my bookshelf.

I actually almost wish the laptop still worked, so that I could use that as the computer, and just extend the current cables. oh well. I guess it was Evelyn's laptop that she left to Maninther to watch over when she moved out of her aunt and uncle's house. I guess he got in a fight with her and threw the thing... now it is scrap parts.

Over all, I have to say that Evelyn and Maninther both have anger management problems. I kinda think Maninther's problems are almost all caused by Evelyn too... and I mean all of his problems, not just anger management. but I guess that's another story. In a way, I kinda wish that I could kick Evelyn out, and just have Maninther around. He is a much better room mate than her... oh well. (besides, he pays her rent for her anyway...)

so... another day. Just relaxing, and I guess I got a couple things done.

I started working on this embedded OS that Google created for cell phones. Verizon has announced that they will start using it in their phones starting this February... when they join the Open Handset Alliance! It's an exciting time in the world of cell phones, and I want to be part of it. I compiled my first test phone, and ran it in an emulation system. Now I'm working on tools to integrate the phone with Google services. Using Google Mobile. basically the idea is that Google wants everyone to use their site on their phone. so they created this OS that everyone can use.

The new evil empire is taking control. Google is now not only the most valuable company in silicon valley, but now it's the second most profitable technology company in the world. Microsoft is the only company that is more profitable than Google in the technology industry. It's amazing. If I bought just one share of Google stock this past may, I would have made almost 300 dollars.

Google is going up right now... and the only thing that could change that is for people to stop using the internet. Google has the most successful methodology for advertising on the internet, and scheduling commercial times for TV and radio. Once they get the cell phone OS out the door, that will increase their exposure by 47%! That means that 20 million more people will have access to Google, whom do not have access now. All because African and Asian countries with government-owned subscription-based home internet connections are more expensive than rent, but cell phone access is dirt cheap (for them, not Americans.) So they all connect to the internet on their cell phones. In total this comes out to be about a third of all the people on the internet, or a little more than the number of people on the internet who speak English as a primary language (basically just the USA and England combined).

Big news for Google. Another move that should make their stock soar!

Anyway, it's getting late, and I'm tired. so, goodnight.