Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's Rainy around these parts...

I really do think that the day I took that panoramic shot from my office window, was the last nice day we had around here. The past couple of days, I've had a hard time seeing even the buildings in that picture through the rain.

All the mountain passes are closed, and I5 is closed about 62 miles south of my home. There is all sorts of flooding in Redmond (good thing I didn't take that job in Bothell...).

The only view I have is the view I have as my computer background picture. it really is crazy. but it's home. and it isn't that cold. even though I had rain falling up on my face when I went to get lunch today. I guess it really wasn't falling at that point... but that's kinda how it gets in the city when it's raining... and the wind is blowing at about 30ish MPH... and the road is covered with an inch of water... and what used to be Pike street kinda looks more like a river...

It sure is an exciting time of the year... and I do kinda have a soft spot for foul weather. Although I really do need rain gear.... I mean, my gortex coat is really nice... and my pants are good too, but they have heavy insulation. I need something thin, waterproof, and breathable. that won't cook me when I'm sitting in a heated environment. plus I will have a sweatshirt on under it anyway... multiple thin layers. that is what I need.

Anyway. I love it here.