Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I updated my home page!

So, I decided to start down the long road to try and make my homepage somewhat useful. I admit now it's just a dumb place where you can read the titles of my blog postings, look at the pictures I take, see my local weather map, look at a map of the places I go, look at my work schedule, and see when I'm coming home for Christmas... but one day it will have some content that people really want to see!

I've always had a home page for as far back as I could remember... first it was geocities... then myspace... then my own little web server... then myspace became popular... and now it's google pages.

I added a gadget that lists my blog postings, and I also added my google calendar's "public" events. or in other words anything a stalker would need to follow me around all day. (j/k but not really...)

I guess it's just something I want to try playing with. I'm also working on my orkut site. just because it's a Google service really, but also because it is one of the pilot programs for Open Social. Which one day aims to be a service to unite all sites. It is working wonders for LinkedIn (which I also have a site with) and my current employer has plans to use it once it comes out of beta (in an undefined amount of time.)

I guess it's a way I can play with gadgets and yet another wonderful API (Advanced Programming Interface) by Google. I have to say on a side note, Google has done a great deal to help me in my quest to learn the fine art of computer programming. They give me all these free tools and APIs that I can work with, and most of what a programmer does is learn new APIs these days.

That being said... go to My homepage