Friday, December 14, 2007

Money Money Money!

Google Adsence is giving me money! 5 cents so far... this time around, but last time it gave me $100 over the summer! All just from having ads on my blog, homepage, and youtube account page.

Other than that, I just subscribed to Google webmaster tools... it will continue to log statistics about my Geocities, Google, and Blogger pages...

It will give me information about that the people who click on my site usually will click on (as far as Google ads go...) and it will also give me statistics about how many people visit the site, and how many return visitors I have to the site. nothing that I can specifically link to any given person, but just general stats that will keep me informed...

I just compiled my first Android OS, and started emulating it on a virtual Razor phone, which one day Verizon will let you do. So, I plan on buying one of those off-brand Chinese phones that I can load with all kinds of software to do cool stuff I like.

Oh the beautiful future of Cell phone technology combined with the open source revolution. I will take over the world with my cell phone one day. just you wait and see.

but for now, I'm just working on turning my phone into a word processor with speech recognition for text messaging and email. but soon I will be able to do anything with my phone, like use Google map's newly released feature to locate myself on a map based on which tower my cell phone is using to establish a connection to the internet. oh the glory of technology the phone companies claim they don't have... but Google can use it! and you can too! so just ignore the cell phone company telling you they can't tell where you are, because they can, and will claim they can't. After all, they can tell Google (or the police) where you are, why can't they tell you?

anyway... talk later, work now...