Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Murder-Suicide in Redmond?

I thought it was really weird today that there were a bunch of cop cars driving erratically when I was walking into work from the transit center... well, it turns out that there was a Murder-Suicide in the apartment complex across the street from my office building.

As far as I could tell, all I saw was a bunch of emergency response people, but my cube mate actually lives in the complex. He didn't hear anything, but he had to walk around to the opposite side of the complex.

Apparently it was an estranged husband... the lady murdered was staying with a friend and the husband came over... just to help ease anyone's mind, this is the first murder in Redmond in the past eight years... so, needless to say it is a rare occurrence, but it is too bad.

On the topic of the news, I would have a link to a news story about the earthquake in California today, but the news stories basically tell you it was a 5.8 and no real damage was done.

The Blue Angels landed in Seattle yesterday.

and that's about it for now.