Friday, July 11, 2008

New and improved cube!

So, we got this new guy while I was out of town, and he ended up with two monitors, but no computer that accepts two monitors. I have one computer that can use two monitors, and two computers on a KVM switch that can share the new (to me) third monitor (on the right).
I suppose that technically things would be a little better if I had a second wide screen monitor, but for now things are great!
I can work on both my mail and test machines at the same time... (View bugs on one screen, Test Cases on another screen, and then test Zune on the third.
Anyway, that's what is new... the Apartment is the same (still a mess)... Jaani is doing good (and his hotspot should be gone when I get home)... and it looks like I might even have enough money next week for my car payment (thanks to the 4th of July being a paid vacation)... so yea...
I just started uploading some of my pictures yesterday from the wedding, but I won't make the album public until it is uploaded, screened, commented on, and Geo-tagged... so in other words I might have it done by this weekend.
so, that's all for now.