Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what happened over last weekend?

I know I sort of promised to update my blog last Sunday... in stead I started a new blog, and tried to keep myself from forgetting about my other blog (3 in total...)

Also, I added RSS feeds (over on the right side) for my other two blogs...

I mostly forget about the Frizzle Tech blog... and the Frizzlfry Web Watch is a place for me to post all the videos and stuff I find on the web so I don't spam this space with random stuff I find online.

So, that has been keeping me a little busy because I needed to link all three blogs with Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. This way I can know things like:
  • My peak activity for this blog was on June 25th when 82 people viewed my blog for some reason.
  • Only 500 people have visited sense I started recording stats in April.
  • 60% of the people who read my blog link to it from
  • 2 people from Australia have read a blog posting... I could look up the day and time too.
  • Most people read my blog in the evening.
  • and even more useless stuff.
Anyway... also this past weekend I went to Mt Si with Evelyn, Babli, and Jaani. Jaani was a little winded because of the heat, and Babli was fine. I was also suprised that not only could Ev keep up with me, but because she has been working out every day she was making hard for me to keep up with her. Well, I guess it shows you what working out a little can do.

Anyway... other than that I went grocery shopping yesterday... I got a bunch of food for lunches.. more "emergency food" that will never expire... and I guess I shouldn't forget food for me to eat every day. (and Ice cream and oreos too...)

Oh, I also met a few new people that live around the block from me. It's nice to have people close by that are pretty cool and they have a dog that gets along with Jaani. At least that way when I'm just hangin around the house bored I know I have somewhere I can go and not have to leave him all alone.

well, that's my story. I forgot to upload a picture from Mt Si (again...), but I am sure I'll think of some sort of picture in a day or two.

That's all for now folks!