Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Twitter feed...

I also created a new way to follow me via my twitter feed.

Apparently there is a site called that allows you to add the title of any RSS feed you want as posts to your twitter feed.

So, for those of you (uncle bill...) who follow me on twitter, you will be updated every time I add a post to any of my three blogs.

I guess it ensures that I always keep updating my twitter feed...

So, in the event that anyone wants to follow me using twitter... which seems most useful if you either always stay connected to an instant messaging client or have unlimited text messaging on you cell phone plan... I'm not sure if they have email updates or not...

Anyway, you can follow me on twitter, and always know when I update a blog, or write some random thing in twitter...

for everyone else who simply likes reading my blog, there are feeds on the right side of my blog for both of my other blogs... plus my twitter feed.

FYI: a feed is an RSS feed... it means Really Simple Syndication... AKA news feed... or in other words a list of stuff that can be read by a program called a feed reader. Almost any mail program you use on your computer will support news feeds... if you want to subscribe, you can use an igoogle home page... or google reader (like me).

The easiest way to get started from right here on this page would be to click the posts button under the Subscribe to section on the right. Then you can click Atom to just get the URL to add into any mail program... or click Add to Google or + My Yahoo... Then it will want you to sign in or create an account to add the feed to.

I guess if you want help doing it you could always email me... I could help walk you through the process if you have issues.

ok, I'm off to bed.

Good night!