Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who reads this crap?

So, I was looking over the data that I have been collecting from Google Analytics, and it turns out that not everyone who reads my blog lives in the United States... sort of. I was looking at the data, and I came up with these numbers.
  • United States 433
  • United Kingdom 5
  • Australia 4
  • Singapore 3
  • Spain 2
  • Japan 2
  • Sri Lanka 2
  • Italy 2
  • India 2
  • Germany 1
Honestly there is one thing about the data that should be expressed though... nearly 100% of all people from outside the US bounce... that means they stay for very short periods of time... typically they stay for a period of time less than five seconds.

So, really they just find my page either from it coming up in a search result, or by using blogger's little link at the top of every blog that sends people to the "next blog"... or in other words some random blog.

So, here is some food for thought.