Monday, June 15, 2009

Another weekend goes by.

So, this weekend I went down to Renton (as usual,) and I got a first hand look at the fire that The Picaroon has been actively blogging about for a few days now.  I have to say, I really do miss Renton, and if you read the last few posts she wrote, you can start to see why.  I mean come on, where else will your land lord help you relocate to a different building he happens to own because of a fire, or how often can you find a cheesecake shop and law office that are willing to help the cupcake shop bake and decorate cupcakes to make sure someone's wedding goes as planned?

It's a great town that actually has a community!  Unlike Redmond, where things are really nice and everything is high tech, but there is no sense of community.  I don't even know the people who live around me because I've never seen them outside!  I am positive that if I never went to the dog park, I wouldn't have any human interaction in my daily life!

Anyway... I guess I do miss living on the south end.  Even if I have to commute 3 hours a day...  well, I would rather get a job in that area than commute, but that hasn't happened yet.  I have to admit I have gotten used to the cushy Microsoft thing up here, and it is really hard for me to imagine working anywhere else.

So, the new week is upon me.  I have a certification class this week, which means I don't get to go home until 8 or 9 tonight.  Which I have mixed feelings about, but I'm sure that it will be nice to an additional piece of paper to show that I know what I'm doing.

Anyway... I also need to start posting picture up more often... because I hate the way my blog looks when it's just all text and no pictures.  I like picture.

Alright, that's a post.