Monday, June 8, 2009

An Off-Grid type of Weekend... sort of.

So, this weekend I kinda faded off the radar.  No online activity (I guess I did spend a few hours editing a site on Wikidot, my phone was dead all weekend, and my webcam was down most of the time.  So where was I?

Well, I made my weekend commute to socialize with everyone in Renton.  It seems to have become a weekend tradition for me.  I spent all day on Saturday down there hanging around Jet City, borrowing Wifi from Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes, and I even watched the last 2 minutes of the Stanley cup finals to watch the Penguins get Pawnd (owned or beaten in a mocking sense... the final score was 5 to 0) by the Red Wings at DC's Bar and Grill.

I was chatting with Norm (Peterson Finishes), Mary (Owner, Happy Delusions), Samantha (Director, Spotlight Dance School), (Owner, Tyranasourous Records - Comming Soon), and Mike (Co-Owner, Liberty Cafe)  when I realized that I was the only one at the table without my own business.  I felt so far behind the times, or maybe it was just that I was the youngest one at the table.  Anyway, it was fun to just talk about how the Down Town Renton (DTR) area is becoming a much better area to hang out lately.  Just the recently opened businesses include Liberty cafe, Happy Delusions, Common Ground Coffee, and soon to come Tyranasourous Records on one side of the street, and Cafe Lure, The Tapestry, Calico Cheesecake (relocated to 3rd), GHY Bicycles, and DC's Bar and grill on the other side.  As much as I hate to admit it, I sort of think the only thing holding DTR back is the Antique Mall... however that's just because I'm not too into antiques.  However most of the new businesses are owned by younger business owners, which I know increases the appeal for a more fun-loving youthful crowd to come spend money!

So, anyway... I spent Saturday in Renton, and stayed home on Sunday.  I watched some TV, cleaned up a little, and even got around to charging my phone.  Oh, and on a side note, I found out that my brother is coming into down in July, which it's really cool to find out he is really coming (not that I didn't have faith in him, but knowing the date makes everything more real.)

So, that's all for now.