Friday, June 5, 2009

No Webcam Today!

So, part of me knew it would happen.  Last night at around 9PM a burst of wind took out the power for my block.  It was funny, the power went out, and the first thing I thought about was that I don't have enough water in my emergency supply (1 Gallon) and I have put off getting a camping stove too long... Then I realized that the power would probably come back soon enough, but the last time I remember being in a power outage was in the summer of 2003 (or was it 2002... anyway...) and the power went out for the entire east coast for three days.

I figured my best bet would be to walk around the apartment complex.  Everyone was outside!  I think every single person in the entire complex that had a dog or a family was walking around the parking lots and park areas.  I met a ton of people that live fairly close to me, and I may even continue talking to a few of them.

Anyway, when I reached the far end of my apartment complex, I realized that the new section had power, and the street lamps were working on the far end.  I walked over to Redmond way and noticed that while the street lamps were working, the apartments across the street weren't getting power; the traffic light and street lamps near my end of the complex were not working, but I could see lights down the street at street lights, traffic signals, and store signs.

I knew it wasn't an emergency, but just in case, I shut down my computer, and disconnected my UPS (which provides "emergency" access to my internet connection and external Hard Drive (at least until I get a new external HDD that can run off of USB power.

Anyway... last night I had a good feeling that my DHCP table in my router was replaced after I turned my UPS back on, but I still put off checking that my IP and port forwarding settings were correct before going to work.  Then this morning I decided I would turn my webcam back on after I got to work today, but when I got to work, I discovered that my port forwarding settings don't match my IP...

so, long story short, I don't have remote access to my machine today.

So, there is an update.