Thursday, June 4, 2009

State of the Frizzlefry Blog - May 2009

So, Now that I have a whole year of data, I can go and compare my blog performance this year to last year!

What has happened in the past year?  Last year I only posted 6 times to my blog, but this year I posted 16 times, and I think it shows in the numbers!

I had 41% more viewers, 46% more page views, and 26% more new visitors!  Which are the key areas you need to have in order to maintain a successful blog.  Even though the totals for May suggest an average of about 7 visitors a day, I am still happy to see an improvement from the previous year.  I also noticed that my revenue from May was very low and I only made $.02, but hey, at least I'm breaking even 'A'!  (get it, I put in my two cents and ad sense paid me... anyway.)

Another good thing to note is that my bounce rate is down about 7%.  Which is reflected by the increase of 13% to the average time people spend on my site.

Referring sites, which now make up about 60% of my traffic are even  more important than ever, and a major change in the leading players has taken place!  Twitter is now my #1 referring site, which now contributes 4 times as many visitors and (my previous #1 referring site.)   The bounce rate for twitter references is also 2% lower than (hmm, do my friends like this stuff more than my family?)

Although the lowest bounce rates I get on my blog are from Blogger (68%) and my Google profile(72%).

The highest time on site numbers (which is 1:28) come from direct traffic (24% of my total traffic).  However, this category also has a 88% bounce rate, which leads me to believe my regular readers often visit the site, then leave because there is no new content.

So, I've learned that due to the type of blog this is, I need to continuously add content.  I reality that is still not true of the Frizzlefry Web Watch.

So, there is the State of the Frizzlefry Blog Address for this month.  I think I may just keep this up on a monthly basis.