Thursday, June 25, 2009

I just joined Vyoom... you should too!

OK everyone, I want a 12MP DSLR camera... the problem is I need 10,000,000 points to get one. So, what I want you to do is to click this link here:

Join Vyoom and get 75,000 Bonus Points!

Then, sign up for a free account so I can get 5,000 points! Who knows, the social network might even be kinda cool.

Vyoom is designed to be a social network designed around a real-time engine. So, you should try it out. Besides, everyone knows you don't really enjoy a social network until all your friends are on it right?

anyway... you should join, and help me get my camera! I already have 75,000 points, which you get for joining, and why shouldn't you also be rewarded for using a social network right?

You could promote via email... twitter... facebook... myspace... orkut... any service at all, and get something cool for yourself out of it!

You get 75,000 points for joining.

up to 600 points for completing your profile...
500 points for listing a "dream item" form the list of stuff you can get from your points...
up to 1000 points for filling your wish list...

OK, now I have 85,000 points...

everything you do earns you points. Voicing your opinion about what your friends are doing. Posting comments... uploading pictures and files... posting your favorite places... reviewing places your friends post... and everything has privacy settings, so you can control what you share with everyone, or just your friends... or just privately.

In about ten minutes you can get 100,000 points... Plus, if you use social networks anyway, why not have them pay you for it right? If they make millions, you should make a few hundred shouldn't you?

anyway... check it out, and join the site! for me... please?

Join Vyoom and get 75,000 Bonus Points!