Friday, June 26, 2009

I put chairs on tables... and more about Vyoom.

It is official... my webcam is back up, and I put chairs on tables. The proof will probably disappear after I go home tonight, but it's in the webcam right now.

So, after blogging about my webcam, then keeping my webcam off for a few days, I decided to try using my new webcam for the apartment cam. I suppose so far so good right? Anyway. I don't really like how narrow the view is from this webcam. Part of me really wishes I had set both of the cameras up side by side so I could compare, but maybe that will have to wait until the weekend.

Now for something completely different...
If I sent you an invitation to Vyoom via email, please use the email to join. That way I get 5,000 points for every person that joins. I only get 1,000 points when people use a link posted to my blog or twitter. FYI. I really want to get some sort of prize, but it looks like you have to use the network for a long time before you can actually get anything. So, yea, if more people join, then there will be an actual reason to use the service.

The thing with Vyoom is that it allows you to create a real time network between you and your friends. You post a comment on the "bulletin board" and people can see it right away. Right now I'm having conversations with just random people by watching the public board, and that has a lot of the twitter feel to it.

The other thing you can do is share your favorite hot spots, bookmarks, pictures, and files with people. Or you can share your plans with all your friends. Then you can invite people to join you... and some other stuff. The thing I like is that you don't get all those annoying facebook apps bugging you all the time to join so and so's mafia... or stuff like that. (which I'm really not interested in.)

Anyway, join! Just send me an email or something, and I'll invite you if I haven't already!