Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another day in the refrigerator

Day 2 at Bungie. More testing on Halo 3... today we had this big ordeal over the Xbox hack where someone got into the custom game menu due to some sort of NAT error... we couldn't repo (reproduce) it yet... but on the other hand I did repo an error 5 times (out of 118 attempts...) so it was a good day.

I was even pleased to hear that everyone is really happy with me because nobody else actually had the patience to do that. after that I played for a while... you know, to get to know the stages well enough so that they can tell me to go somewhere and I know how to get there... and I shot at some people on the way... gotta love halo...

Then when I got home I found out that Dell now offers 3 computers that come loaded with Linux! and they offer 1 year support for people to learn! this is awesome!

Then I checked out and found a dell online coupon for $500 off a dell Inspiron notebook of over $1399 (which considering after pricing out the computer I want, it came out to be $1360)... meaning that if I upgraded to a better monitor, I could get a better computer than I wanted for $918... I can't wait until I get enough money to get a new computer... I guess that I can deal with having another Dell if it runs Linux out of the box!

So, check out my shared items in Google reader section on the right to look at Another Linux Milestone to see dell computers pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux...

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