Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pictures of home

So, due to the request of mom, I decided to have a little pictorial tour of the apartment. It's not all that clean right now, but I guess that's the idea of a random photo shoot... to see what things are like when I am not planning on taking pictures. I must admit though that the place is a little messier than usual, but I have been too busy to clean... and god forbid my roommate lift a finger... but anyway... here is my place.

I guess I'll start with what you see when you walk in the front door (and look to the right)... We have Jaani's bed in front of the fire place because we really don't need a fire place in the summer. You can also see my $20 coffee table from Ikea. You will see that as you look around my apartment almost everything is from the as is section of Ikea. You can also see the tea set that Al got me from Taiwan... by basses are to the right... the TV which we never really watch... and yea... that's about it.

Next is the opposite wall of the living area. The leather couches that Evelyn's mom gave us are really nice... everybody loves to sleep on them. You cal also see my computer desk and lamp I got from Ikea... together they were almost $40, but I think it was worth it. I put the Jamacan guy on the wall over the computer... I hope we don't have an Earthquake and the head falls on my computer... that would suck. You can also see that I haven't gotten that far on the mat that I was knitting for Jaani... (the nifty knitter is under the table)

A close up of my computer shows where I spend as much of my time at home as possible. We have a wireless network range extender to allow me to connect to my neighbor's internet connection... shh don't tell. I just got the keyboard a couple days ago. It sure beats typing on the laptop, plus it has 2 USB ports on it so I can plug my mouse into the keyboard... and slide the tray with both of them under my desk. I guess the best part, and the best deal I've gotten so far, is the keyboard; which I payed 89 cents for at Boeing Surplus... I guess I should say Al payed 89 cents for... seeing how he had to use his employee discount to get that price.

When you move back behind the couches (at least the love seat) you can see the kitchen area. We have the navigational chart table from (at least as I know it) the Valley View house. I have the back bench from the Astro on one side and two chairs we got from Ikea on the other... when they have two more in the as is section I'll probably put the bench back in the van... but for now I suppose it helps to improve fuel economy. I also got the book shelf from Ikea's as is section, but the black table legs I got were new. I figured that $20 for four legs wasn't too bad. Off to the far right you can see my purple computer, which I'm waiting until I can set up a nice desk to put it on before I get it running again. Finally, you can see the bar that we have leading to the kitchen.

I guess the angle is really funny in this picture, but this is the other side of that bar I just wrote about. It is a sort of small counter on both sides of the stove, but I guess it is just about enough room to work nicely. We needed a cutting board, so I broke down and bought one, but that doesn't mean I don't still want the one from Michigan!!!! I only hope that soon it will really come in the mail. *nudge* *nudge* (mom)

This picture is the view of the other counter in the kitchen from on top of the microwave. we actually keep the clean dishes on the dish rack... I think we used our dish washer (directly under the dish rack) once. I put all of my magnets on the fridge. you can see my blue thermos on the counter there... it was new... but I didn't want a used one... it wasn't that much. The window in the picture looks out into the parking lot. I can see the car next to mine from here, or lean forward to see mine.

Next we actually go through the hall way that is not pictured to my room. Basically you just missed the bathroom, linen closet, and Evelyn's room. If you turn around from the picture of the kitchen, you would see the hallway. My bed is a mess... it's a futon from Ikea. I like it because the mattress is this nice foam, and the bed frame is cheap to replace in the event that it breaks (which is what usually happens.) Other than that, I have the book shelf I brought with me to Seattle, and a little dresser that I got in the as is section for about $15. The futon was the most expensive thing I got... I splurged and spent about $360 from my tax return on it... but it is so much better than what I was looking at on craigs list, plus... it beats the floor. I figure a good night sleep is key when you have to get up at 5AM to get under paid to do way too much work... (good thing that is ending)

And the last picture for the day is the other side of my room. This is a great way to increase closet space. The rolling closet thing was like $20 and it is made of almost all metal (except for the plastic wheels that you can replace with the free Ikea parts bin.) I also have two of those $6 closet organizers giving me the space to fold most of my clothes, but still hang some stuff on it... I have a closet, but I am hanging all of my nice stuff, and most of my pants/shorts are up on the shelf above the bar in the closet. to the right you can see my vacuum cleaner... I got it from Sears for... umm... I can't really remember... I know it wasn't too much, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I guess it's better to have something with a ten year warranty. All the way to the left, you can see a window which looks directly out to my car.

So, I guess next time I'll have to take a picture of the closet, and my awesome view of the public storage facility from my back portch. next time I'll have to share some pictures from out side, but for now I'll leave you with this picture of Jaani in the wild up at the top of Mt Si.

That's it for now... I just want to note that my new camera is so much better than my old one. If you click on one of the pictures, it will bring up the full size image that the camera takes... it is great! plus everything seems clear. Thanks mom, it was a really good birthday/going away present!