Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love samosas!

so, tonight I went up to Alki and went for a walk near the beach by all the bars with Allister. We went to a bar, got a burger and had a couple beers while the pistons vs ohio game was on. it was such a nice day all day long... Mt Rainier was out all day, but I never got a good shot at the mountain... I did however get a good shot at the Olympic mountains. Then, after I dropped Al off, I went home, and Maninther had brought over a whole tray of like 20 or so samosas... I love samosas! They are these pouches of bread filled with potato and spices and stuff... they rock.

Anyway, on our way home, we took a picture of Seattle as the night came near... which turned out ok... I think I've taken better though... and Evelyn got mad at me for taking Alister even though yesterday I told him I would take him up there, and she said that if she went up there she wouldn't want to go if Allister was going. She says I treat her like s*** when I'm with my friends... I think it's because I don't give her all of my attention and she gets jealous. anyway... here is Seattle... It's not the best picture, but it gets the point across...


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