Monday, May 14, 2007

I now work for the enemy. :)

So... last week on Thursday I had an Interview up in Redmond, and it turns out that I did something right!

I got a call for Volt today informing me that I have a position at Microsoft working as a Test Associate 2. this means they thought that I was better than the TA1 job I applied for! So... after talking with me, my new manager decided that despite having no testing experience I was very sharp, and have no trouble getting up to speed if I ""Hit the ground running!"

So, I'm excited... and while it's not software development it is testing.

Anyway... Right now all I know is that I have orientation tomorrow morning at 8AM in Redmond, and I am working on testing the Xbox live components of Halo 3. but it is really exciting.

Aside from that, this past weekend I actually celebrated my birthday, and went to the Ave (which is actually a Way up in the U-district) and we went bar hopping as a way to welcome all the MSU guys out here, while celebrating my birthday, and wishing James a good trip to Cali for business. We ended up at 7 different bars over the night, plus toured the campus a little just to give us all a break from the beer for a bit.

Over all, it's been a pretty good week despite rising tension between myself and a certain B**** of a room-mate I have. Yesterday I got yelled at for: making my own plans for dinner, she left her bedroom door open and the dog pissed on her freshly cleaned laundry, I didn't keep the pee smelling laundry hamper in my room when I went to sleep, and I said that none of these things were my fault... big fight... she gets all embarrassed because she talks her way into a corner that makes her look bad, I take the opportunity to tell her how much of a stupid B**** she is... good night.

anyway... I'm not letting it get to me... tomorrow I will have a real excuse so that she won't be able to argue and call me an A** hole for not driving her to work, because I myself must go to Redmond for an interview at a job that pays me more than she makes. it seems lately she has been telling me that it isn't important for me to go to Labor Ready because it doesn't pay a lot of money... and I keep telling her that it does matter because there is no way in hell she will have all of rent for next month without my half (I, on the other hand, am completely prepared and even expecting her to be a total B**** and try to screw me over by moving out before the 1st.) She keeps threatening to move out and not stay here until next month. I talked to the rental office, and they said that if she does that, then they will only charge her for breach of contract if I agree to a different lease. which won't bother me at all... the apartments here are nice, it's just that some of the residents are kinda shady and lower class. but I'm not really worried about them breaking in as much as some sort of confrontation happening that gets dangerous... but so far so good.

all right, that's my story for now...