Thursday, May 24, 2007

A scare with the car!!!

Yesterday I went to start the car, and it wouldn't start... I first thought it was the battery because nothing did anything. Then I wiggled the battery cable... and nothing happened... I tried having someone jump start my car and nothing... I called AAA because I thought maybe the Geo Metro was too small to jump start my car. The tow truck driver only took about 15 minutes to get there (we were a 1/2 mile from the downtown Seattle AAA office) He tried holding the battery cable while I tried to start it and it went. He tightened the battery cable and recommended I get new battery cables. I think it sounds like a good idea... my friend found some online for like $20 and he also found the leak in my transmission... he thinks he might be able to change it at the shop he works at. They do custom work on cars, but they have all the tools and stuff. So if I show up with a case of Beer and the parts I need, he will do it for no additional charge. So... all and all, it should be easy to get the car into as close to tip top shape as it can get...
This is a picture of Jaani and I at the top of Little Si. Behind us you can see Bri (James' Girlfriend) At the bottom of the hill you can kinda see North Bend.

This is James, Bri, Jaani, and I. Jaani decided to block James' head for the picture. He is kinda a camera hog. (and he snorts like one too)