Friday, May 18, 2007

More Random Stuff...

Well, today is supposed to be my last week day before I start work on Monday... I guess everything depends on if my background check came back yet... As soon as that does, then I'll be ready to work.

Other than that, I'm just kinda sitting around the house listening to while I lounge around the house. I took Jaani for a walk earlier, and now I'm kinda bored. I picked up a book the other day called Testing Computer Software. Everyone at Microsoft seemed to recommend that, and this one book written by a guy at Microsoft specifically for Software Testers hired by Volt. I haven't gotten that one yet... they expressed a priority on this one... which so far seems to just be a refresher on a lot of the stuff I did while making my own programs. finding/testing function limits... what happens when you knowingly go outside the limits... and writing reports to summarize the errors. So far I feel really confident that I will already know what I'm doing when I start. So I'm happy.

I thought this was a really cool picture, because the city looks awesome in it, and if you don't already know who you're looking at, you can't tell. This was actually taken... some time right after we got back to Seattle... like within a couple days. I think the picture I put up yesterday was close, but taken out at the point of Alki, where this one is a little closer to the city, so the camera picked up all the lights better. It is one of my best night time pictures of a city.

This is my pet caterpillar... at least one of the dozen of them outside... it seems that at any point in time you can see a bunch of them outside... I've seen a lot of them the past couple weeks... I almost think it might be some type of tent caterpillar, but I'm really not sure... Wikipedia failed me on this one... I think... Monarch maybe? I'm not really sure ...

Anyway, I guess the only other thing I've been doing all day is editing Wikipedia. I've been working on the Wikiversity Software Testing Site, which the previous person who was writing it had put almost nothing on there, at least I started putting the kind of things that would lead someone to learn things... if not teach them something really basic. I always made fun of people who write text books... I'm picky about books I will say are good, but that doesn't really mean that I can write a good text book. That is the lesson I am learning. Although I do like the idea that I might actually teach someone something.

Anyway... I'm going back to reading more... Here is another picture:

this one is the pike market near at dusk. Taken from the intersection of Pike ST and 1st AVE. You can't see because this was taken on kind of a cloudy day, but the Olympic Mountains are in the background. Off to the left across the water you can see about where I took the night time picture of Seattle. The camera is looking west in this picture.