Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Drama Queen Keeps it Up...

So, Evelyn decided today that she doesn't want me to talk to her, because I will never be and have never been her friend... This is because after dinner with her and Allister I decided that I was going to take her home (as opposed to bringing her with me to take Al home...
During dinner she kept trying to make me feel like s*** by saying things like I don't treat her like a human anymore and I never do anything for her (after I've been taking care of her needs all day.
Friday she got all pissy because I asked her to put gas in my tank to pick her up from work. It costs about $15... and she got all upset, and told me I was rubbing it in her face. Then today at dinner she kept telling me I rub everything in her face. At least Allister filled up my tank for all the driving I've done for him. He is a good friend, with good advice... she is a b**** with no common sense...
I suppose hind sight is always 20/20... and I always told myself that if my family doesn't like someone, then I know it won't work out... I've told myself to stay away from the air-head valley girl types... why didn't I listen to any of my own advice? why... boohoo... I suppose I just did something stupid.

Anyway... I'm not really beating myself up over the subject... it is just a mistake I have to live through, but things sure would be nicer if I listened to my mother.

so, I guess more lessons come from life. Don't live with the chick until you are really married... not just engaged. right? or is it not to get engaged to someone you are in an unbalanced (income wise) relationship with? or not to get married to someone your family doesn't like... or is it that I should have really gotten it when dad didn't like her... hmm I guess it is the first person that dad didn't like. and he likes Nicosia... hmm... perhaps it was that I should have stood up for myself more often, and never caved in when she started to cry... or not to marry an Indian girl who is completely against her culture until someone from outside the culture tries to get her to follow another culture... and as soon as they tell her to follow her own culture, picks and chooses the parts of the culture that are beneficial to her, and ignores the parts that restrict her... hmm... crazy stuff.

In the end there are a lot of lessons that I will probably be stupid and ignore from this series of unfortunate events, but I guess I am probably better at spotting these things now. maybe? who knows... I guess only time will tell.

As redgreen always said "we're all in this boat together, I'm reeling for you." I know I have people reeling for me.