Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The rest of my home...

Well, last night I took some pictures of the inside... I thought I'd take some of what you can see from the outside. I guess I want to start though with the rest of the inside that I didn't take pictures of yet...

This is the infamous hallway which was not until recently pictured. There is a small coat closet on the left just before you go into the hallway, the bathroom is streight ahead, my room is to the right, and Evelyn's room is to the left. It really isn't all that exciting to see really, I guess it's just a little hall. it has a linen closet in it... just to the right of the bathroom door. it has... who really cares... you can see the kitchen table to the right, and my bass to the left. ok. next picture.

The next picture is one of my room. I just finished all my laundry related stuff today, and cleaned up to show my room at it's best. You can see this is Jaani's room too. Ev can't stand his snoring, so we sleep on the futon. you can also see my maze rug. it is kinda cool... I had to get it because it is the one thing from Ikea I've been saying I really want for like 2 & 1/2 years now. if you look carefully you can see the strap from one of the many backpacks I have crammed under my futon. Jaani is trying to kill the bear that I got Ev at the pistons VS Sonics game last December... he knows... good Jaani. Good Jaani.

Next we have my futon (again) but this time it is cleaned up. everything you can see (except the alarm clock) is from Ikea. The blanket is awesome! I recommend that anyone just splurge and spend the $60 bucks. It's so nice and huge! it's ridiculous, but it's so nice and soft and warm and yea... you want one. I spend a bit of time here reading. I guess I could use a reading lamp like the one I wish I brought from Michigan... it was so nice... and someone so stupid wouldn't let me bring it... grrr. anyway...
Here is another picture from last night... but I cleaned it up a little more today... I wonder if you can even really tell at all... but anyway... this is my replacement for a dresser. It works great, and I don't even have to get up to think about what I want to wear... unless it's in the closet... that's a different story, but I don't like to talk about that... but I can show you!

This is my closet. it has all my nice clothes, pants, underwear... that kind of stuff... it also has all my tools, and a water heater. You can see I never clean the little book shelf next to my bed... I have my drum... and my S.Y.R.U.P. commemorative 1st show thing on the wall. nothing all too exciting I suppose... also think I'm going to skip the bathroom... it's small... hardly has enough room... and we bought a shower head on a hose with adjustable settings and stuff... so lets start looking out the windows.
We have four windows to look out of. This is my bedroom window. I sit and watch for people to steal my car... then fall a sleep because nothing ever happens. You can't really see any of the Mexicans... but there are a lot of them here in the hood. outside the gate, you can see them all lining up by the white van that sells corn out of the back. Business is so good at the van that they actually put gold rims on it not that long ago. Everybody gathers out there about 4PM, and I've seen them there as late as 10PM. Although I think the van lady got arrested not that long ago... she hasn't been out there the past couple of days... I actually kinda wanted to try the food... and see if they have anything else other than corn on the cob on a stick.

This is the kitchen window. You can see my car off to the right, and some van (which might get towed today) next to it... people aren't too friendly about people taking there spot... most people just honk a couple of times, then call security or go up to the rental office... usually within about a half hour the car is towed. If the car weren't there, you could actually see the front gate to the apartment complex through the two buildings across the lot from me.

This is out the back side of the apartment. This is Evelyn's window. You can see the back of a strip mall down the hill, and you can also see the view shown out the sliding door. If you look closely you can see the hole that was cut in the fence... they fixed it with some wire not that long ago... it's kinda nice because people don't walk through our back yard as much at night... but at the same time, that would have been the best place for evelyn to cut across to Highway 99 to catch the bus in the morning... I also showed her a way that she can walk through the apartments and avoid all of the people who stair at her and yell out the window at her... I'm not sure that she took my advice though... I hope it doesn't get her hurt.

This is my awesome view of the public storage facility. James kept his stuff about half way down the first row there, and I sat and watched it from my window... at least when ever it looked like someone went near it. Jaani likes to pee on that rock just to the right of the fence post... and people occasionally walk there dog by... Jaani sits at attention until a dog sniffs his rock; then he barks at the dog... he must guard his rock at all cost. but it really doesn't go anywhere... and once he barks, no dog will dare pee on it. One time I told him his rock was in danger, and he actually ran to the door and started barking... I wonder if he actually knew what I was saying, or if he saw the other dog sniffing.

This is the back porch. I actually have two folding chairs... I should have put them out for the picture, but I guess I don't have a table yet. I like to sit out here and just vegetate every once and a while. Listen to traffic on 99... watch the planes fly over head... I think they are about the same distance up as when they fly over mom and dad's house. Jaani has a log... it's log, it's log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. it's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good! at least when it comes to holding Jaani from running after people, or going within throwing distance of those kids that like to provoke him, then throw stuff of the balcony at him... I also came to the conclusion that 40 feet was too long of a leash for Jaani... at least around here... so I wrapped it around the log a few times to take up some slack. On the left side, you can see my storage closet.

Here is what the inside of my little tiny storage closet looks like... You can see my bike is too big to keep the wheel on it when it's in there... and the handle bars of my bike have to be at almost a 45 degree angle for me to fit it in there... but it still fits... you can also see my two chairs... they actually are the same chairs I bought when I came out to Seattle last time, but I somehow don't think I'm going to loose these ones. The funny thing about this little closet is that I didn't have a key for it the first month I lived here. When we moved in, we found out the lock (on the apartment) was broken, and we had to have it changed, but they didn't change the lock on the storage closet. Well, they had some trouble getting in, but eventually they found the old key, and changed the lock to match the one on the apartment. all said and done, I'm confident nobody will break in and steal my bike.

I guess that is the tour of my apartment. I'll have to get some pictures from around Seattle up here soon, but for now, enjoy this view of Seattle at night, taken from Alki.

So... that's all I wrote. talk to you all some time. Stay out of trouble.