Wednesday, August 6, 2008

China wants us to know they have us by the balls!

So, in case you haven't been paying attention, China is using the Olympic games to show us that they can do whatever they want.

First, they agreed to open up Internet access for Chinese citizens, but they didn't do it.

Now, they denied Joey Cheek's visa because he is out-spoken against various policies in China. I recently found out that Joey Cheek, as well as an ex-Olympian, was the Co-founder of Team Darfur, which is the team of the US flag bearer Lopez Lomong. This is border-line banning an athlete from the games... but we won't do anything about it.

As if it is not bad enough that the Olympics are being held in the most polluted city in the world... China just seems to think that they can agree to anything, then just back out. Which is quite hypocritical of a culture that is notorious for not re-negotiating.

I think we need to say screw the Olympics... screw the International Olympic Committee... and just wait until the winter Olympics in British Columbia. I know it won't happen, but if we just keep letting China do what they want, then we will have 2 countries running around saying that nobody can tell them what to do. (We are the first...)

anyway... I guess it is just a little upsetting to me. I hate the idea of restricted internet access in any country. I'm glad the FCC did something right by not allowing ISPs in the US to restrict bandwidth and protocols, but I would like to see free speech in that part of the world... it would just be nice.

I almost feel like I need to yell out free Tibet... or more appropriately free the Uighurs! (see Tibet V2.0 on Frizzlefry Web Watch)

Free Ballard!

Welease Bwian!

ok... I'll call that a rant.