Friday, August 8, 2008

The Olympic Opening Ceremony

I have to say, with all of my complaints and differences with China's human rights... I can't deny that they really know how to put on a good fireworks show... they have awesome LCD technology... they really put on one heck of a show!

It was great! From the drummers... to the children singing... to Confucius' followers... to the tai chi... dancing... the painting... it was all absolutely everything that it was ramped up to be!

In case you didn't catch on, I liked it a lot, and I saw the whole thing in HD!

hehe... the shining moments of my birthday present to myself. (a flat panel 26" 720p HD TV)

So, that's my two cents. However, I do stand by my opinion that China needs to make drastic improvements in the areas of freedom on the internet, freedom of press, and human rights in general. I also feel that they need to be held accountable for not following through on their agreement to completely opening up the Internet during the Olympics.

So, that's all for now.