Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jet City Auction and the Blue Angels!

So, good news and bad news... kinda.

The good news, I can see the blue angels as they fly around up in the sky... kinda. Well, when they fly way up into the air, I can see through a break in the clouds, then they go back down and disappear under the tree line... which is because the trees right next to my apartment are taller than my apartment is high.

The bad news... kinda... is that Jet City Espresso is having an auction. Which is good news for Deb and Paul, but bad news for people who go to Jet City because it marks the beginning of the end. See, Jet City will close in the middle of August, which is approaching way too fast. I guess we will all just migrate to the other side of the block and go to Mike's, but it is just sad to see the place go.

I plan to get some pictures today. I offered to help them run the auction by performing data entry tasks related to items, bid prices, and who bid on what. It is too bad, but I guess it had to come some time.

so... there is a quick update.