Sunday, August 3, 2008

The elusive blue angels in my camera lense

So, after trying again and again I managed to get a picture of the blue angels from my apartment balcony. The funny part is that I had a really good shot shortly before this one, but I didn't have my camera out to take the picture... I have just sort of left my camera out on the balcony so I had it if I needed it.

Anyway... it was a beautiful day today... James was in townand we went to Kirkland and walked around for a while, then went over to Marrymoore park to check out the Velodrome and take Jaani to the off-leash dog area...

James and I walked around talking about the funny parts of working for Microsoft and that sort of stuff for a while...

Then we came back.

It was a good day.

So, that's it.