Thursday, August 7, 2008

We should have never had the Olympics in Beijing...

According to the wall street journal in this article, the Beijing Olympics have fueled the Chinese regime to:
  • Arrested, imprisoned, and tortured numerous political dissidents.
  • Broken all of its promises to ensure freedom of the press, speech, and assembly during the Games.
  • Put in place new control on the Internet.
  • Destroyed the homes of millions of citizens to make way for new Olympic structures.
  • Forcibly deported hundreds of thousands of migrant workers.
  • Introduced restrictive and forceful security measures that infringe on the basic freedoms of thousands of Chinese citizens.
This should teach us something about the US's ability to choose which governments can be problematic. After all, the Olympics are supposed to be a happy time.

Maybe one day we'll learn something...

Maybe we should boycott the Beijing Olympics like the Beijing Boycott Coalition, who claims China's oppressive regime is far worse than any other in the world. Watch their video on the Frizzlefry Web Watch Blog

who knows...