Thursday, August 14, 2008

post 227... how far have I come...

So, I guess technically you could say I am way past the 227th post on my blog, but technically it wasn't the same blog back then.

I was reading my old blog entries, and I started to think how much everything has changed on here. Originally, as I'm sure none of you know, my blog actually started on livejournal At that time I was in high school, and for the most part, my blog was a bunch of nearly in-coherent rants about school and social issues confronting a nerd who didn't fit the roll of a nerd and ended up hanging out with a bunch of the more popular kids, but felt there was always something amiss. Then my blog moved over to Myspace for a while... then blogger... then back to myspace... and now I have found my permanent home on blogger.

I actually noticed that I have no posts on here from 2006... or before 2005. I wonder if I really want to take the time to migrate my old blogs over... I guess it would be nice to have everything in one place... but the only problem is that... well, it would take a lot of work. Maybe... I'll let you all know if I move everything over.

Oh, I know, I'll put a poll over on the side (notice how it is already there... I'm just that quick. So I'll let everyone decide. If you want me to move my old blogs over to this blog, vote over on the right hand side, and tell me to do it... then maybe I'll do it.


Things have changed alot. before I never even knew if anyone read this stuff. So I wrote as if nobody really read it, and a few people did, but mostly because they stumbled upon this page and quickly lost their interest. Then I started to get consistent readers. That actually happened when I moved away from Michigan, and my mom started reading. I finally had an audience to target my blog toward. Then the rest of my family joined in... then my friends... now I'm aware that some of the significant people from my childhood started reading.

Things have changed a bit. I try not to go on deliberately offensive rants about why this or that sucks. I don't curse with every other word. Now, I find myself having three blogs, so I can have a place for content that I don't create myself... and the frizzlefry tech blog, which so far has one linux review and a bunch of rants about copyright issues. I'm even thinking about starting a fourth blog for all of my rants that will just piss people off (because I have to admit there is some enjoyment to be found in writing every offensive thing you can think of in a public space.)

So, I just wanted to share a thought or two about my blog's history. Where it is now. How it's changed over time. Even a little insight into what might appear on that blog list along the right side of my page... or did I forget to add that gadget to this page.. hmm I can't remember...

BTW, the US has more medals that China! Now that's good enough for government work!