Monday, November 10, 2008

A bigger update...

So, anyone who has been paying attention on Facebook or twitter would probably know by now that I have arranged my flight to Michigan!  I have the dates listed on my calendar... (December 17 - 31).  I just payed for Jaani to come on the plane with me... and everything else is just falling into place.

Also, I've been meaning to write about the fiasco that I had last Thursday trying to get home from work... it was a crazy day.  The whole thing started with my bus home.  I though I would be clever by showing up for the 5:30 bus so I could get home a little early... So, as I was walking to the bus stop, I saw the bus sittiing at the stop when I got to the interstection neighboring the bus stop.  I had to wait for the light to change, and the bus was already stopped, which is usually a clear sign that I'm about to miss the bus.  However, the bus did not move as I waited for the light... and as I started to approach the bus stop, I saw a large number of people standing around in the rain.  I had a bad feeling, and I didn't feel that I needed to run to catch up with the bus.
By the time I got up next to the bus, I could see that nobody was on the bus, and when I got near the front of the bus I saw the 564 parked in front (FYI I usually ride either the 564 or the 565 because they take the same route from Renton to the Overlake transit center, between the two busses it gives me an option to take the bus every 15 minutes).  So, I asked the driver if the bus was out of commission, and she informed me that the headlights had gone out on the bus (and the sun had just set).  So, I walked up to the other bus, and asked what was going on, and that driver said that there was a problem with the breaks on the bus, so that bus wasn't going anywhere until the service truck got there to check it out. 

So, I just stood around in the rain (which didn't bother me much because of the totally awesome rain gear mom got me for christmas last year)... and the next bus came for my route.  Although, there was something that made me decide not to get on that bus... 1) the route I usually take is about 1/2 full from OTC to Bellevue, then a half a bus worth of people get on at Bellevue to go to or past Renton... 2) there was a full bus worth of people already waiting for the next bus.... 3) there was an accident on the WA-520 (Evergreen point floating) bridge which had WA-520 and I-405 at a stand still until you got south of I-90 (about 1/2 of my trip home.)  So, I decided that rather than stand on an over-crowded bus for two hours, I would wait for the next bus so I could sit down.  So, I waited, and let the bus go... and good thing two.  By the time the next bus came at 5:55 (Which was my normal bus anyway), I was able to get right on and find a good seat to sit down for the ride.

Although, it took a whole hour to get to Bellevue (usually 15 - 20 minutes).. then once we got past I-90 on I-405, things started to move.  I didn't mind too much though.  I was able to watch 3 episodes of Monk on the bus, and I listened to a bunch of music on the bus ride.  

So, that's the story of my crazy bus ride home last Thursday.

Friday, I finally got a hold of Scott to celebrate Scott Day (Scott's Birthday) and I told him that I would also be going to for a Sushi dinner, however I would be honoring Scott Day on Saturday because it was better timing for me.  So, Ev took me out to dinner at this Sushi place in Federal Way which was pretty nice, then she came over for the night to look for hindi songs to dance to for some wedding she is going to this weekend. 

Then... that brings me to now.  It was a nice day, the sun was out but it was still windy and rainy (a weather condition that I feel is uniquely Seattle) and now I'm home... getting ready to watch a little TV before going to bed.  So, that was my last few days.  I should have taken a picture or something... but oh well.  Maybe soon I'll get better at keeping all the pictures up to date.

so, that's it for now.