Monday, November 17, 2008

Jaanicam 3.0 Works at work and in IE!

So, one of the many things I did this weekend was improve the Jaanicam! So, Jaanicam is now in version 3.0!  with new features like:

  • 4 times the original resolution
    I upgraded from a mere 320X240 resolution to an incredible 1280X960 resolution! That's 1.3 Mega pixels!
  • You can now watch real time videos from any computer with port 80 open!
    Have a nasty corporate firewall blocking port 8081?  No problem!  Jaanicam 3.0 now uses the magic of Java Applets to handle jpeg streams from my live camera server to avoid using port 8081, and allow Internet Explorer users to view the latest images!
  • Added Scenery!
    Jaani's world is not just a cage in my apartment, there are also doors, cabinets and a refrigerator that surround his cage.  You can be the first to know when someone walks through my front door!
I know it's exciting to think about all these great new features that can help you relate to Jaani, but please try to contain yourself.

Other than the Jaanicam, Yesterday's daytime time lapse video should be up shortly on youtube... assuming everything goes as planned.  Check back later to see how things went.