Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My favorite coffee shop! Thanks to Google Street view Seattle!

Here, you can see Jet City Espresso, it's the palce I go to when ever I want some coffee and I'm not at work (because there it's always free...)

I also can show you where I catch the bus after work (with the new Entertainment and Devices campus that MS is building... we move in January(ish))

I can show you the loading dock for my building...

Plus I can show you the totally awesome Renton Public Library (which is built over the Cedar River)

And, most importantly for today... the place I voted at this morning!

You can click and drag on any of the pictures to rotate the camera, plus you can zoom in/out and click on the arrows on the street to move the camera along the street. The view Larger Map link will take you to the location on Google Maps.

So, that's another update on Election Day!